COVID-19 Cleaning


We have cleaners trained in infectious control cleaning. Using high-grade disinfectants, we can help decontaminate, contaminated areas.

Experts in the Prevention and Control of COVID-19


Cleaning is an essential part within disinfection routines due to organic matter might reduce effectiveness of disinfectants. It is crucial to reduce the solid and dust load to allow the disinfectant to work.

Elimination of germs such as the virus that causes COVID-19 requires in-depth cleaning followed by disinfection.

As suggested by the Australian Government Department of Health good practice to clean surfaces routinely are divided in two groups:1

1.1 Clean frequently touched surfaces with detergent solution (tabletops, door handles, light switches, taps, chair backing):

  • These areas must be cleaned frequently using detergent solutions (as per manufacturer’s instructions). The exact choice of detergent will be decided by the nature of surfaces and possible degree of contamination.

1.2 Clean on a regular basis general surfaces and fittings, clean also when visibly dusty and immediately after any spillage (Floor, ceilings, walls, blinds, sinks and basins).

  • To clean general surfaces, detergent solutions/wipes are adequate (following manufacture’s instructions)

ICM good practices during the COVID-19 will be aligned with the Australian Government Department of Health and their Environmental cleaning and disinfecting principles – Version 1 (10/03/2020) Coronavirus disease (COVID–19).

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